Support the piano ecosystem.

The piano industry is in crisis. The effects are being felt. Hundreds of jobs are at stake, piano teachers, concert musicians, stores and piano tuner-technicians… Recognition of the problem is half the solution.

We invite you to read the document below to learn about the current situation of the piano ecosystem and to join this social movement that supports the return of a wholesome ecosystem.


The piano was invented 300 years ago (1720). By 1820 it was ensconced in most of the great salons of Europe and adopted by many of Europe’s most famous composers. Over the next 50 years (1820-1870) it continued in its evolution in popularity and quality. It was arguably one of the major forces behind the industrial revolution, and certainly was one of the largest global industries. According to some estimates, 20% of the world’s engineers worked in the piano field.

Around 1900 the piano was considered to be perfected. Virtually nothing has changed since then other than manufacturing procedures. As the middle-class emerged, the piano was everywhere. After acquiring a home, the purchase of a piano was often the most important investment a middle-class family would make. The modern assembly line was developed for this instrument, (not by Mr. Ford)!

There were thousands of manufacturers across the globe. Chickering (Boston) boasted of having the second largest factory in the USA (1903)…definitely big business. By 1985 virtually all North American manufacturing of pianos had gone. Today the industry is almost extinct on this continent. In Asia, however, it is still a huge manufacturing industry.

What happened?

Should we care?

Is it possible to resurrect the industry?

The status quo guarantees the decline of an industry and piano playing.