Need we say that pianos have to be handled with great care, as they are just as heavy to move as they are fragile? Piano Esmonde White is aware of this, and it has both a skilled personnel and the proper equipment to ensure a safe move. For one, we have a temperature controlled van regulated by a heating system. Moreover, we are the first North American user of the Klavier RollerTM, a robot of revolutionary design capable of displacing pianos to locations with large enough access ramps. Just as important, our movers are physically strong and accustomed to all kinds of situations. Finally, we are fully insured to cover unexpected occurrences in shipping and delivery.

While we are capable of providing this service, we do refer people to other companies for this task, especially when conditions are particularly difficult and require movers of especially strong build. When contacting us, please let us know of the circumstances under which the move is to take place. We are very attentive to our clients to best meet their needs. On arrival our movers are qualified to make on the spot estimates of instrument values or repairs, both of which are done on request and to no added charge.

Our basic rate, at $275 (taxes not included), is a most competitive one. Surcharges for distance apply if the move exceeds a radius of 10 kilometres. Feel free to ask us for a tender. Be assured of one thing: When comes moving day, you need not worry about our bill, because we are known to be quite on the money in our estimates.