Basic Terms and Conditions

  • You need a piano for a concert or a series?
  • You are in the market to buy a piano for a performance space, or are looking to have one maintained?
  • You work for a music school requiring pianos or repairs on existing ones?

Whatever situation you may be in, Piano Esmonde White is there to respond to your needs. We service, as follows, all kinds of pianos for institutions dedicated to music performance and education:

  • Tuning
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Restoration and overhauls
  • Moving and storage facilities
  • Sales (and rentals)

Click on tabs to know more on each of these services

Concert agencies and promoters, please take note: We have an array of first-rate concert grands for rent, both Steinways and Yamahas, but also our own Esmonde White models. We enjoy a special partnership with Yamaha Canada, as we are their only accredited service centre in Canada for acoustic and hybrid pianos.

We are fully equipped for moving instruments. First we tune each instrument in our workshop and adjust all mechanical parts under optimal conditions, which is not always the case at point of delivery. We have our own van with a built-in heating system, allowing protection from the harshest of Winter conditions. It must be said here, that there is no truth to the belief that pianos go out of tune during a move.

In spite of this, the piano can still be tuned once again before the performance, but the presenter must request it. If the piano is used more than once on a given occasion, either the same day or on consecutive ones, we will retune it before each new use. Do contact us to know more on these matters, and let us know what your needs are so we can tender you a suitable rental proposal.

Concert hall managers and arts organizations administrators are people we deal with on a regular basis. We offer expert advice regarding instrument use and service, and we are accustomed at fielding all kinds of requests, be they instrument tunings or general maintenance (either on site or in our workshop, as need be), and we do even more demanding jobs like overhauls. In the latter case, we have a moving van with a heating system built in to it. Whatʼs more, we are fully insured. For those who may not have a piano on hand, a rental is well worth considering, depending on how much you need one for your activities. As a general rule, a concert grand is an essential part of any concert hall. If you are looking to purchase one, we wish to inform you that we launched our line of Esmonde White pianos in 2015, currently available in different lengths and a few uprights as well. For more information, refer to the Sales tab listed in the personalized service menu.

Conservatories, music faculties and private schools are among the most regular users of pianos. Upright models, for instance, are best suited for practice rooms, and are ideal for students honing their skills or taking part in band practices. Piano Esmonde White is keenly aware of the specificities of these learning establishments. We provide all services, not just to maintain the instruments in working order, but to upgrade them and enhance their playability. In 2015, we launched our Esmonde White piano lines, both concert models and uprights, the latter being among the best to be found in the market nowadays. Please refer to the Sales tab in the personnalized services for more information on our instrument inventory.